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I Whine, You Whine, We all Whine for Better Wine Storage

By Storbox Self-Storage on March 28, 2012 - Comments off

Whether you are a private collector, investor, restaurateur, wine club manager, or are just a wine enthusiast, you may find that you don’t have the necessary space to do justice to the glory that is or is becoming your wine collection. Sure, you kept your wine in your basement, small wine cellar, and kitchen cabinets for a while, but now you’re running out of room! If you like to buy in bulk, have regular wine club deliveries, or need the space to age wine appropriately while still maintaining your stock of “drink now” wines, you are going to need a professional-quality storage space. Fortunately, at least if you’re in the San Gabriel Valley, STORBOX Self-Storage can save the day!

The STORBOX Wine Grotto in Pasadena is devoted to providing wine lovers with the perfect storage space to suit their specific needs. From our lockers that start as small as eight cases to our walk-in wine cellars that fit as much as 440 cases, each unit has been designed by professional wine consultants and engineers, so you can be sure that your wine is safe and sound and reaching its full potential. Some of the key features of The Wine Grotto include, but are not limited to: Read the rest »

Ricky and Bubba of Storage Wars: Texas Hit the Jewelry Jackpot

By Storbox Self-Storage on March 23, 2012 - Comments off

A&E’s reality show Storage Wars is the network’s number one series of all time and has garnered a huge following of devoted fans. The show, which follows teams of bidders looking to find hidden treasures at storage unit auctions, has put the spotlight on not only self-storage laws but also the fun and competitive spirit of self-storage auctions. In the current Storage Wars: Texas season, bidders Bubba Smith and his Uncle Ricky finally scored the jackpot with their latest storage auction purchase.

Bubba and Ricky have done well in the self-storage auction game overall, but received an unexpected, but hoped for, surprise when they won the auction of a storage locker for $525. Although they had already modestly profited from the contents of the locker, they had their eyes on a pair of diamond rings, which they hoped were real, that they found inside. So they crossed their fingers (figuratively) and took them to a jewelry expert. The verdict? Both rings (together) were worth a whopping value of about $49,000! They hit a jewelry jackpot the likes of which Ricky has never seen in his 38 years of this work, and the likes of which he will never see again. Read the rest »

The Essential History of Bubble Wrap

By Storbox Self-Storage on March 21, 2012 - Comments off

Packing and moving is a long and involved process which can be made harder or easier depending on the packing supplies you use. One of these supplies, which has kept our possessions safe and has made packing more stress free, is the incomparable bubble wrap. With those individual pockets of air, it holds its position in between our glassware, lamps, and fragile mementos so that they stay in one piece while traveling from their old home to their new one. But where did this amazing blanket of air bubbles that are fun to pop come from?

In 1957, two engineers by the names of Marc Chavannes and Alfred Fielding inadvertently invented one of the most widely used packing materials around today. But, if they weren’t trying to make packing materials, what were they trying to make that had air bubbles in it? A very good question! Chavannes and Fielding were trying to make a plastic wallpaper (glad that didn’t work out). They had allegedly sealed two shower curtains together, which created a superficial, or slight layer, of air bubbles, and tried to sell that as wallpaper. Read the rest »

How Self-Storage Can Help You Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Right

By Storbox Self-Storage on March 14, 2012 - Comments off

Firstly, no, you cannot throw a St. Patty’s Day party in your self-storage unit, as tempting as it may be, even if all your storage unit has in it are a few extra tables and couches, which, let’s face it, would be great for a party.

First, let’s start with a little bit of history, because we know there was an Irish Saint named Patrick and that the traditional color of Ireland is green, but how did a traditionally religious day become an internationally recognized and celebrated holiday? Well, it all started, of course with Saint Patrick, the most commonly recognized patron saint of Ireland, who was born in fourth century Roman Britain. He travelled to Ireland as a bishop to spread Christianity to the Irish, who were polytheistic/pagan. It is said that he used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish people. He died in the fifth century on March 17. The day eventually became an official religious feast day in Ireland and soon spread around the world to its present form as a celebration of Irish culture. Read the rest »

Has Your Business Outgrown Your Home Office?

By Storbox Self-Storage on March 7, 2012 - Comments off

Pasadena Business Self StorageMore and more people have become fed up with the typical workaday life of waking up by 5:30 a.m. to get out of the house by 7:00, to try and beat rush hour traffic and get to their 9:00 to 5:00 job by 9:00, all the while being unhappy with what they are doing and/or how their bosses run their business. There are a few choices in this scenario: 1) Suck it up; 2) Find another job; or 3) Start your own small business. Surprisingly, many people are opting for the latter. Starting a small business takes a lot of courage and carries a lot of risk, but that does not mean it cannot succeed.

If you have a successful small business, you may or may not have an office space or even more than a handful of employees, but you are making it. You run the business out of a home office which has steadily been getting more and more crowded. And if you’re business involves products, you’re garage (or even the rest of your house) is probably getting very full. Read the rest »

Secrets in Self-Storage: Why You Shouldn’t Fall Behind in Rent

By Storbox Self-Storage on March 2, 2012 - Comments off

Different people have their own uses for self-storage. Some may use it to store seasonal clothes; some may use it to store old furniture; and some may use it to store all the household knick-knacks that just keep getting shoved into corners. There is another use for self-storage, however: secrets. If you don’t want people to know something about you or your family, be it a little quirk, an odd fact, or even a cultural or religious tradition, what better place to hide it than self-storage?

If you are going to use your self-storage unit for family secrets though, you should make sure you keep up with your rent, or your secrets are going to be auctioned off along with the full-size Stormtrooper and collection of buttons. One such secret was discovered in a self-storage unit in Clearwater, Florida. Read the rest »

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