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They Get a Dorm, You Get a Spare Room!

By Storbox Self-Storage on August 26, 2016 - Comments off

It’s that time of year again! With the school year underway, many students have packed up their most prized possessions and moved into dorm rooms for the next nine months or so. Though it’s often difficult for parents to say goodbye, they’re also left with a very important decision on what to do with the now vacate bedrooms left behind by their son or daughter, or maybe even both. A student moving away to college is an opportunity to turn an empty bedroom into a functional office space, an in-home gym, or even just a place to relax and read a good book. But, room overhauls like this definitely don’t happen overnight. It takes careful planning, and a dependable storage partner to help sift through the old so it can be replaced with the new. Read the rest »

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Ways to Keep Your Breakables Un-Broken

By Storbox Self-Storage on May 31, 2016 - Comments off

Keeping Breakables Un-BrokenOne of the questions we’re often asked is: “What’s the best way to store breakable items?” This is a great question. We know that something like your grandmother’s fine China or your wedding champagne flutes are very special to you. If they broke, it would actually hurt you. So, how do you protect something important to you that is so breakable?

Here are some steps we recommend taking if you’re going to be packing up delicate, easily breakable, items:

• Wrap your vulnerable item with a LOT of bubble wrap. (We’re not kidding about this part. The more wrap, the better. We recommend wrapping them with enough bubble wrap that you can’t see your item through the wrapping.) Read the rest »

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The Importance of Labeling Your Boxes

By Storbox Self-Storage on May 23, 2016 - Comments off

In all the planning and effort of packing, you may not realize that the most important supplies you’ll need is also one of the smallest: a marker. A Sharpie that fits in your pocket can be just as important as all the boxes, bubble wrap, and masking tape in the world. Why is that? Because boxes usually aren’t transparent and people don’t have X-ray vision. Labeling your boxes can save you a lot of time, effort, and even tears. Marking your box will mean that you don’t have to tear it open to find out what’s inside. Read the rest »

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Swapping Swimsuits For Sweaters

By Storbox Self-Storage on November 3, 2015 - Comments off

Fall is hereIt’s autumn and a chill is in the air. Actually, daytime temperatures in the Los Angeles area are still over 90 . . . but, rest assured, winter will arrive. And it will bring chilly weather, rain, and even snow in the mountains. Soon it’ll be time to pack away your shorts and sandals and break out the cardigan and wool socks.

To make sure your summer clothes are in good shape when take them out of storage next year, you may want to consider the following tips: Read the rest »

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Tips For Packing Your Self Storage Unit

By Storbox Self-Storage on September 29, 2015 - Comments off

Tips on How to PackAmericans have a lot of stuff. For an interesting perspective, check out photographer Peter Menzel’s book Material World: A Global Family Portrait. In it, Menzel travels around the world and photographs average families surrounded by all their possessions.

Because of all the stuff we Americans have, many people have to rent storage units. Different size units come with different prices. Here are some tips on how to make the most efficient use of your storage unit and keep your possessions safe: Read the rest »

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The Trouble with Luggage

By Storbox Self-Storage on August 14, 2015 - Comments off

It’s that time of year. You’re either just heading out of town or just returning from vacation. Wasn’t Paris grand? Or maybe it was a visit to your favorite aunt? How about that class reunion where you were the only one who still had hair?

Well, now you’re back home and unpacked—and tripping over suitcases. Luggage is part of everyone’s life, you just can’t travel anywhere without it. The problem is what to do with luggage when you’re not using it. Many people don’t have an attic or garage to stow away their luggage between trips and it takes up a lot of room. Why not keep it in a nearby self-storage unit?

And what about those vacation clothes? While you could argue that it’s always summer in Southern California, everyone has out-of-season clothes cluttering up their closets. Why not pack those Hawaiian shirts or ski jackets into the empty luggage before you take it to self-storage?

The same can be said for all out of season items: skis, snowboards, kayaks, camping gear, etc. If you store such things in one of STORBOX’s secure self-storage units, you can access them any time, with just the turn of a key.

STORBOX self-storage in Pasadena offers units in 75 unique sizes so you can choose one that fits your particular needs. We also have packing and moving supplies, and can provide you with storage tips. Just ask! Call us today at (626) 793-9888 and we’ll help keep your vacation stuff out of your way until you need them again.

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Packing Tips for Moving Day

By Storbox Self-Storage on January 23, 2014 - Comments off

Packing in an organized and professional manner is the best way to make moving day less stressful. Start organizing days before your move and set aside the items that are particularly fragile or precious to you. A lack of organization can make unpacking a real chore and failing to use care when packing delicate items can result in breakage and damage during the move.

Protecting Fragile Items

China, glassware, oddly shaped items, and glass objects can break easily. It is important that you set these items aside and pack them carefully. It is advisable to: Read the rest »

Newspaper, Bubble Wrap and Packing Peanuts, Oh My!

By Storbox Self-Storage on November 9, 2011 - Comments off

So you’re set to move. You have a moving truck ready to go and moving boxes ready to be filled with all of your belongings. Your possessions cannot all be packed the same way, however.

There are three general classes of belongings. There is the “just throw it in” class for items that are not fragile and that do not need folding (a preference to fold is different) or an immovable location. Sturdy children’s toys, blankets, towels, tablecloths, most shoes, and most clothing could fall under this class. Then there is the “not fragile, but needs to be organized” class for items that requires proper placement, stacking, and/or folding. Nicer clothing, books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, and most office materials and products could fall under this class. Finally, we have the “guard with your life” class for items that are very fragile, valuable, and/or sentimental that you, very grudgingly, even place in a box. Now, what to pack with? Read the rest »

The Perfectionist’s Moving Checklist

By Storbox Self-Storage on October 26, 2011 - Comments off

There are many types of people in this dynamic world of ours. Some are very laid-back, some are easy going but generally organized, and some must have everything perfect. These types of people also make different types of movers. Where the laid-back person may pack everything in a couple of days and rent a moving truck the day of, the perfectionist may schedule each and every aspect of moving weeks ahead. Even if you have a different “moving style,” the following “Perfectionist’s Moving Checklist” will make sure that you don’t miss anything: Read the rest »

How to Pack China, Dishes and Glassware

By Storbox Self-Storage on July 14, 2011 - Comments off

When moving or storing breakable items that are expensive or have sentimental value, such as crystal glassware or wedding china, it can be especially important to make sure they stay safe. Here are some tips for packing such items:

  • Use dish boxes. These boxes are made of stronger, thicker cardboard and are made to protect your dishes.
  • Use paper to individually wrap each item. You can use newspaper for this job, but you will have to wash every dish when you unpack it. To avoid this, use white packing paper. For glasses and dishes, crumple one sheet of paper inside the open end and use additional paper to wrap the entire item. Double wrap especially fragile items like crystal stemware. For plates, stack same size plates with at least two layers of paper in between and then wrap the entire stack with paper. Read the rest »

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